Co Op Insurance Car – Smartbox for Young Drivers

Our news page for June 2011 over on the main Homeapproved web site features the nifty ‘Smartbox’ from Co-op Insurance Car.

This concept from Co-Op has the objective of reducing motor premiums for young drivers who are tired of receiving outlandish quotes for new policies. These drivers quite rightly argue that they are safe drivers and should not be penalised for other youngsters who drive dangerously.

Think of Smartbox as a ‘Pay-How-You-Drive’ technology and you will be getting very close to the thinking behind this innovation from The Co-Operative. Smartbox was created by Cobra Limited – experienced in-car technology specialists. When you take out a policy with the Co-Op one of their network of professional installers will fit Smartbox into your car.

So attention all ‘SAFE’ young drivers then – if you are tired of motor quotes for your vehicle which are too expensive take a look at Co-Op Smartbox for a viable alternative. Beware though if you say you are a safe river then you need to be true to your word to get maximum benefit!

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