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Adrian Flux

We get many visitors to our website who are searching for the guys over at Adrian Flux. If you have found Homeapproved on your way over to obtaining a competitive quote from Adrian Flux, please don’t don’t forget to like

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Final Post for 2009

This will be the last time that the Homeapproved team will be blogging this year! Many thanks to all our readers who have visited our blog and the Homeapproved UK Car Insurance website. Our last few posts both here and on

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Swinton Specialist Car Insurance

Swinton car insurance always deliver a competitive quote for motorists across the UK by searching the top UK car insurance companies. They can save you money by offering you up to a massive online 25% discount. However, not alot of people realise

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Importing a Car into the UK – 90 Second Guide

This week we focus our 90 second guide on the subject of importing a new car into the UK. Bringing a vehicle into the country really took off around 10 years ago when all the rumours about rip-off Britian and

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Adrian Flux Babes!

One of our favourite insurers Adrian Flux (Specialist Car Insurance provider in the UK offering quotes for all risks including hot hatch, modified, american, kit cars, etc..) recently launched the Flux Babes website. The ‘Babes’ are the promotional girls for Adrian Flux

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Guide to Car Insurance Groups and Ratings

UK insurance companies, brokers, providers and intermediaries take advantage of the car insurance group ratings system to provide the correct level of motor insurance. Group ratings are purely advisory and insurers put car models into twenty groups. This means that each

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Asian Motor Manufacturers Gather Momemtum

Driving on UK roads over the last 6-12 months I have noticed a number of attractively styled, impressive looking saloons, sports car and 4×4’s. On closer inspection these vehicles proudly display their manufacturers badges: Kia Hyundai Daihatsu Proton Ssangyong There

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