Best In-Car Driving Apps

Best In Car Driving Apps

Best In-Car Driving Apps
With the use of iPhone and Android smartphones having taken off over the last 5 years, there doesn’t seem to be any aspect of our lives that they don’t reach into.

What seems like only a small number of years ago we were introduced to in-car entertainment in a big way via our top of the range Blaupunkt radio and cd player. Soon to follow was the in-car satellite navigation systems led by TomTom and Garmin. It’s always surprising how quickly these brands and technologies have come into fashion and then disappeared when a newer gadget hits the streets.

This leads us nicely up to the present day and the wealth of free and paid-for smartphone apps available to aid the motorist. We’re not so sure that the highway should now be renamed the iWay! Journeys are now getting easier as apps work out your route, warn you of speed traps, enable you to seek out the cheapest fuel, and check for traffic jams up-ahead.

Our favourite drivers’ apps are listed below. Each one is capable of taking advantage of your smartphones’ capabilities, features and connectivity. Most of the apps shown below are free to download. Where the app is paid for you will see a price in sterling:

Available for Android and iPhone. Your Google Maps app will deliver excellent navigation but does rely on an Internet connection to download maps – no good if you find yourself in a mobile phone coverage blackspot! With NavFree you have no such problems as the road network is downloaded to your phone in the first place. FREE.

AA Eco Drive
Save fuel with AA Eco Drive. Economical driving can become fun, with the launch of the AA’s new Eco Drive app. This challenge-based app could help to improve your driving techniques and see you save an average of 10 to 20% on fuel bills. FREE.

mxData brings you TrafficEye. Access to over 1600 CCTV cameras across England, Scotland and Wales. TrafficEye uses live feeds from roadside CCTV cameras to let you look ahead of jams or at your entire route ahead. Major routes are covered and the app is easy to use. However, it can be let down by some cameras being out-of-action. FREE.

Axa Insurance has launched a unique policy for over 25’s that takes advantage of black box technology. Drivology uses a smartphone to record driving behaviour, rather than a black box. GPS and accelerometers in the phone record where and how policyholders are driving, scoring them out of 100 for smoothness, obeying speed limits and taking safer roads. FREE.

Petrol Prices PRO
Whilst there are free alternatives for finding the cheapest fuel, none can match the accuracy of Petrol Prices PRO. will be a breath of fresh air for motorists who are currently paying the highest ever prices for petrol and diesel. £2.99.


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