Electric Cars

We have just woken up to the fact that a possible growth area for the motor insurance industy is going to be electric car insurance. You can read by clicking thorugh to the article on the main Homeapproved website how the development of battery powered vehicles now encompasses such marques as Rolls Royce.

The main bone of contetion for us in regards to purchasing a new G-Wiz, Tesla or other electric car is the limited range and shortage of recharging stations. Range anxiety – the fear of conking out with nowhere to recharge is the single biggest obstacle to buying these battery-powered vehicles.  Their are innovations, individuals and even a new I-Phone App which seek to address these current limitations.

For example, PlugShare is a free app for Apple devices that allows the owners of electric cars to find people who are willing to provide electricity for vehicles, free of charge or for a nominal payment. The system is believed to have around 3000 users, however all are currently in the USA.  Their is some good news however as the system is due to come to the UK this year, along with a comparable App for the Android system.

Major manufacturers such as Nissan, Citroen and Renault may be launching a new generation of mainstream electric cars, but motorists will not be convinced unless they can be sure that they won’t be left stranded with an empty battery!


Hi My name is Andrew and my area of expertise is car insurance. I have many years experience within the industry and have built up a considerable amount of knowledge.

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