AXA Car Insurance iPhone App

An iPhone app which records all the information drivers must collect if they have an accident has been unveiled by AXA.The new App aims to provide support in the event of a car accident. The iPhone app, which prompts the user to record all the information connected to an incident, also offers the ability to take photos.

The insurer conducted research which found that a worryingly high 66 per cent of drivers are unsure about what action to take if they are involved in a collision with another vehicle. According to the study, 27 per cent would not attempt to swap names, addresses and phone numbers with the other party, or to make a note of their registration plate.

Although AXA found that 84 per cent would look to exchange auto insurance details, this appears to be rendered meaningless by the discovery that just 15 per cent carry their policies in their cars.

Where Can I Get the AXA App?
The application is currently available from the Apple iTunes app store. The new App is one of the first of its kind in the UK and is available free to both AXA customers and non-customers.


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