Welcome back Happy!?

We have recently seen the latest adverts from Aviva Insurance signalling the return of – Happy!? If you haven’t seen the current TV campaign then we can provide below a brief overview of the new ad! 

Ad Story
Seen from the perspective of the eponymous lead character, a man watching wildlife through binoculars on a remote Scottich loch takes a mobile phonecall and replies that he is on his way. By small fast boat, 4WD, light aircraft and taxi we follow the journey to a city board room, where surprised colleagues greet us with “Happy, you’re back!”.

The reply is a determination to cut these Norwich Union car insurance prices down to size. The narrator repeats the message that ‘Happy’s back’ and the contact details are shown on screen to be changing soon from Norwich Union to Aviva (The Company).  Further information from The Company on the name change is given below:

From Norwich Union to Aviva
Sometimes a simple change of name can unlock the potential that was there all along. If you want people to remember you, it helps to have a name that sticks.

For us, it was just a case of outgrowing the name we started out with. ‘Norwich Union’ fitted us fine in 1797, when we began selling protection against fire in rural communities. It still worked for us 200 years later, when we’d become the biggest insurer in the UK. But since we’ve joined up with Commercial Union and General Accident, we’ve got that bit bigger. In fact, we’re now the fifth-largest provider of insurance, savings and investments in the world.

As a global company, we need a name and a brand that will be recognised anywhere. The name Aviva brings together more than 40 different trading names around the world. It’s perfect for us because it’s short, memorable and feels positive and lively.

Apart from the new name, we’ll be carrying on as usual. We’re proud of our heritage and our values. We’ve got to know our customers, and have found that the best way to provide financial services is to treat every person as an individual. That’s something we’re definitely not going to change.



Hi My name is Andrew and my area of expertise is car insurance. I have many years experience within the industry and have built up a considerable amount of knowledge.

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