More Than Launch Green Wheels Insurance

More Than Car Insurance have recently launched their new Green Wheels Insurance policy. It is a new product which allows you to view and monitor reports on your driving style and compare it with other drivers – to see how green your driving really is.

Green Wheels aims to help UK motorists drive their vehicles in an eco friendly manner, thus saving fuel and leaving less carbon footprint.

The technology for this car insurance scheme uses Formula 1 technology in a Green box which simply plugs into the car’s management system and then records all of the driving habit data such as acceleration, breaking and number of short distance car trips. The data gathered is then transmitted to Morethan’s Green Wheels website where existing car insurance customers can access an array of reports on their driving through secure methods.

Bridget McIntyre, CEO at Royal & Sun Alliance commented “We have created MORE TH>N Green Wheels Insurance to give our customers the opportunity to take responsibility for their carbon ‘tyre-print’. It helps people to understand how their driving style affects the environment by giving them access to information such as their rate of acceleration and braking, the number of short journeys they take and how long they leave their car idling.

This exciting new product is part of our commitment to the Together campaign which believes that, by offering customers positive environmental choices, large companies can make a real difference in the fight against climate change – you can find out more at


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