Classic Car Insurance – 90 Second Guide

As part of our continuing 90 second second guide series, we bring the growing number of Homeapproved blog readers the wisdom for choosing the most suitable classic car insurance policy.

The right classic car insurance cover should be tailored specifically for your individual driver and classic vehicle profile. Your classic motor will fall into one of the following four recognised categories used by most of the insurance companies:

  • Veteran Cars: Manufactured before 1903
  • Vintage Cars: Manufactured between 1903 and 1933
  • Classics Cars: Usually at least fifteen years old
  • Cherished Cars: Vehicles aged over 10 years and driven no more than 7,500 miles per annum

Most high quality classic car policies will combine a particular roster of features and benefits, with higher levels of cover than a standard motor policy. Many owners will use their classic or cherished vehicle for track days and other special events, making it imperative that you choose a policy which gives complete peace of mind in the event of the worst happening, and ensuring the high cost of any repair will be fully met. Some of the best policies on the market can include the following features and benefits:

  1. Agreed value (valuations not usually required)
  2. Free Green Card Cover (up to 90 days a year)
  3. Option to retain salvage
  4. Windscreen and Window cover
  5. Full breakdown and recovery service for the UK and Europe

Hi My name is Andrew and my area of expertise is car insurance. I have many years experience within the industry and have built up a considerable amount of knowledge.

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