Crash Avoidance Car Technology

Listening on the radio this past week I heard an advert from Audi promoting their new A4 model. Specifically the company were focusing on a number of new features which enhanced driver safety:

Audi side assist
This feature uses radar sensors to monitor the car’s blind spot and the traffic situation behind the vehicle. The light in the exterior mirror informs or warns you if side assist considers a detected vehicle to represent a hazard if you were to change lane

Audi lane assist
Audi lane assist warns the driver if the vehicle strays from a marked lane, by way of vibrating the steering wheel

adaptive cruise control
The optional adaptive cruise control automatically regulates the distance from traffic ahead. If a car ahead of you slows down, the system also reduces your speed. If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, the system first warns the driver acoustically before applying the brakes briefly if necessary

LED daytime running lights
The slimline, xenon plus headlights (optional on S line models) not only look good, they are also technically sophisticated: a strip of 14 LED lights provides the daytime running light function. LED lights consume considerably less energy than normal dipped headlights and have a considerably longer working life.

My next question would be how to filter down these safety technology developments into cheaper car insurance policies? For example would you receive a discount on your renewal if you were driving/insuring a new Audi A4?

With manufacturers like Audi and others competitively introducing cutting-edge safety technology that tries to stay one step ahead of you — and everyone else on the road, the time must be ripe of an innovative insurer to create a strategic partnership with a company such as Audi to offer cheaper policies to Audi drivers!

Source: Audi.

Further information can be found at Edmunds.


Hi My name is Andrew and my area of expertise is car insurance. I have many years experience within the industry and have built up a considerable amount of knowledge.

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