Ferrari 430 Scuderia

4308cc V8, 510bhp at 8500rpm, 347lb ft at 5250rpm, 198mph, 0-62mph in under 3.6 seconds, £172,500.

The above numbers really mean nothing in themselves… They say a picture paints a thousand words… so here goes…..

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

For those individuals who are lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the 430 Scuderia, the experience of driving a Ferrari which laps quicker than an Enzo round the Ferrari test track at Fiorano, is just sensational!

Actual figures state that the 430 Scuderia will lap around Fiorano 2 seconds quicker than the Enzo, ostensibly Ferrari’s ultimate road car.

If the track crudentials of the 430 Scuderia are unquestioned, how does the car perform on the roads?

A stark cabin, leather replaced with Alcantara, ‘technical cloth’ and carbonfibre suggest the 430 Scuderia would struggle with regular road use. However you still get to enjoy electric windows, air-conditioning and high quality stereo – even if the roar of the V8 is music to most enthusiasts ears!

Press a button and the dampers switch to a softer, more resilient mode; not loose or flabby, just more compliant. Now it is possible to go even quicker around lumpy bends because the wheels stay in better contact with the road.

The 430 Scuderia is the fastest ever Ferrari on real roads. It is also the easiest-ever to drive fast! 


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