Speed Camera Rules Have Changed – Did You Know?

If you are anything like me you will probably be unaware of the recent changes to the rules governing speed cameras….

The rules regarding the positioning and colour of speed cameras changed in April (2007). Speed or “safety” cameras, as the Government calls them, no longer have to be painted yellow, or be visible from 60m (200ft), and no longer have to be sited only where there is a history of road accidents.

The relaxing of the regulations is part of the new autonomy for the local camera partnerships, which have been handed over the responsibility for regulation of cameras. The Department for Transport (DfT) now merely issues guidelines as to how the cameras should be operated. 

While the primary objective for camera deployment is to reduce KSI’s (collisions where the person was killed or seriously injured) at known collision locations, cameras can also be beneficial where there is a community concern.

Road safety charities, including Brake, have welcomed the possibility of more covert enforcement. The DfT meanwhile says that if the local partnerships are found to be abusing their autonomy, it will consider bringing back enforced regulation. 


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